g3 Juice 2 pack

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g3 2 Pack

Pharmanex has leveraged research and data from the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner technology to design and develop g3™. Consistent with the Pharmanex® 6S Quality Process of quality and efficacy, Pharmanex is pleased to offer a unique fruit-juice blend provided by nature, time-tested through traditional use, and tested by modern science. g3™ is a blend of all natural superfruit juices. g3™ contains gac juice which contains carotenoids. These carotenoids can improve your Skin Carotenoid Score (SCS) with the BioPhotonic Scanner. The unique combination of phytonutrients in G3™ is derived from carefully selected “superfruits” traditionally used throughout the world.


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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • SCS Certified™— Gac fruit contains carotenoids. These carotenoids can improve your Skin Carotenoid Score with the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner
    • First to market with gac superfruit juice
    • Unique red-orange color signifies lipocarotene" content not found in competitor products
    • Great taste means all ages will enjoy
    • Proprietary superfruit blend contains more lycopene than a tomato, more carotenoids than a carrot, and 100% RDA of vitamin C
  • Usage
    Shake before using. Drink one to three (1-3) ounces (30-90 mL) with morning and evening meals. For optimal results, take with LifePak®. Refrigerate after opening. Shake well to ensure proper mixture of lipocarotenes™. Store in a cool, dark place.
  • Ingredients
    Nutritional Facts
    Serving Size: Two fl. oz. (60 ml)
    Servings Per Container: 12.5
    Amount per Serving % Daily Value*
    Calories 40Calories from Fat 0
    Total Fat 0 g0%
    Sodium 10 mg0%
    Total Carbohydrate 10 g4%
    Sugars 8 g
    Protein 0 g0%
    Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene)6%
    Vitamin C 100%• Calcium 0% • Iron 0%

    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    Other Ingredients: Water, Proprietary Juice Blend (Gac, Cili, Siberian Pineapple, Chinese Lycium), Pear Concentrate, Grape Concentrate, Apple Concentrate, Natural Flavor, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Pectin.